Here are some interesting downloads for those who read the posts.


Collated Dynastic Lists : Collated Lists of about a dozen dynasties from both Solar and Lunar lineages from F.E. Pargiter in Ancient Indian Historical Tradition.

Map of Vedic India : A Beautiful and detailed map done by Pargiter and from the same book. Probably one of its kind that conforms to Pauranika and Itihasika descriptions of the ancient cities and rivers.


Political History of Ancient India from the Accession of Parikshit to to the Extinction of the Gupta Dynasty

***** PARGITER-Ancient-Indian-Historical-Tradition***** :  The Author, F.E. Pargiter passed away in 1927, 5 years after the publication of this book. Since, copyright for a book expires 70 years after death of author, I have decided to upload the entire book in pdf form as a gift to the readers and also as a tribute to Pargiter. While not everything he says can be accepted as absolute truth, it has much to bring to the table for initiating a discussion of Hindu history from a Hindu perspective. Enjoy!!!

Lalitavistara Sutra



A Curious Play (kim api rūpakam)–Bhaṭṭa Jayanta’s Āgamaḍambara in the Light of Classical Indian Dramaturgy

Full Annotation to CSL Agamadambara

Āngīrasa Śreṣtha

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